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Apply now to work as au pair in Australia! Once you have applied and been accepted by our au pair agency we will be able to place you in a childcare gap year job in Australia. Becoming an au-pair Down Under with the Australia gap year is a great way to experience a new culture and get paid. We offer free Au pair placements in Australia with Au Pair in Australia our partner agency.

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Gap Year in Australia

Au Pair Gap Year

Au Pair Australia offers work placements throughout Australia in towns and big cities; in northern states and southern locations; in areas with beaches. Apply Today!

Being an au pair is a great experience and a fantastic adventure. It’s a full time job, but different than other jobs because you become part of a family. Living with your host family for a year is an opportunity to experience real life in another culture and to make true friendships with Australians.Our host families are thoroughly screened and provide you with room, meals and a weekly stipend. Most families live in the suburbs of major cities and have two or three children


Au Pair Work

A Gap Year - A True Cultural Exchange

Being an au pair is a great experience, but it’s also a full time responsibility. Your host family will rely on you to care for their children and keep them active while they are at work. Living with your family during a gap year is an opportunity to experience real life in another culture and make true friendships with Australians
Gap Year - A Cultural Exchange

Au pair benefits and salary

    As an au pair you will experience the real Australia by living with a family of your choice whilst caring for their children.

    This is your opportunity to have the adventure of a lifetime, make new friends from around the world, study and explore Australia and earn more than $9,000 a year
    Au Pair Benefits and Salary

Au pair duties during your gap year

What kinds of things will be part of your duties? These are just some to give you an idea:
• Active play – sports, art, music
• Helping them learn new skills
• Taking to the park
• Helping with homework
• Keeping them safe at all times
• Driving the kids to and from school
Au Pair Duties

Host families in Australia

Living with your host family is an opportunity to experience real life in another culture and make true friendships with Australians. Your host family will rely on you to care for their children and keep them active while they are at work. Our host families are thoroughly screened

Host Families in Australia

Our Support

Peace of mind - One of the most important reasons for choosing Au pair Australia is the complete support package we provide in your gap year which takes the worry out of getting to Australia, enjoying life there and returning home safely. The right visa- With us you travel on a working holiday visa, the only legal way to live and work in Australia.

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Apply now You can apply if you: - Are aged between 18 and 29 yrs old - Have a full driving license - Enjoy caring for children - Have at least 200 hours non- family practical childcare experience gained within the past 3 years - Speak English to a good standard


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Get Ready to be a great Au Pair- Congratulations on becoming an Aussie Au pair! You must be very excited to start your new gap year in Australia. In order for you to have a good experience on our Gap Year program, we want to further review what will be expected of you as an au pair.
Our goal is to ensure you are well-prepared for what true life will be like as an au pair. By having the right expectations, you will have a better experience, and you will have a happier, more satisfied host family as well.


Workingwith children

Your host parents will expect more than just “babysitting” the kids during your gap year. They will want you to keep their children safe, active and interested – and hopefully learning something as well! Here are some ideas on what they will expect when you are with the children:
• Help with school work for school-aged children.
• Getting the kids out of the house for a nice walk or trip to the park whenever possible.
• Small kids have lots of energy and need to be kept very active! Playing sports or games like hide and seek are really important.
• Helping the children explore their talents or learn new skills. Practicing soccer kicks, learning to play a song on an instrument, building a house made of popsicle sticks or helping bake a cake are all great activities to keep kids busy in a creative way.
• Showing children responsible behaviour by ensuring that they clean up their toys after play time, put their clean laundry away, and make their beds. • When you are on duty, you are expected to be focused on the children. Most likely your host parents will not want you to be on the computer or the phone during work hours.


Taking Initiative

Host parents expect that their au pairs will come with the understanding that they are another adult in the home. They would expect you, as any adult, to clean up after yourselves and be an active in your gap year, contributing member of the household. They also expect their au pair to think for themselves about how to do their role in the best way. Here are some examples of an au pair taking initiative:

“To me, the difference between an OK au pair and a great au pair is initiative. As a busy parent, it helps when I do not have to tell my au pair every little thing that needs to be done. My favourite au pairs are the ones that notice when the dishwasher needs to be started or the trash bin in the play room need to be emptied without me asking them to do so.” – Judd L., host dad

• Noticing that a child is interested in something and then helping develop that interest – such as coming up with art projects for an artistic child.
• Stepping in to help when a child is crying – even when you’re not “on duty”.
• Adding items to the grocery list when you notice they are getting low or gone.
• Replacing paper towels or toilet paper rolls when they run out.
• Learning what kinds of updates a parent wants or needs during the gap year – or when it is too much – and helping meet those needs.
• Pro-actively bringing up possible topics to discuss together as a “team”. Host parents and an au pair acting as a team is incredibly powerful. Many host parents say that they when their au pairs “go the extra mile” it makes them feel so good that they want to also be extra good to the au pair. When both parties are working to be good to each other, great relationships develop.


Other Duties

While you may be expecting to take care of the kids during the day in your gap year, it is important to understand that your duties will include things other than actual childcare. Many of these are household duties for the kids but also duties for yourself as a household member. For the kids, you will almost certainly have duties like these:
• Driving – Australian children have very busy schedules. In addition to school, almost all children have after-school classes, sports or other activities. Your job is to get them there and back safely.
• Laundry for the kids – most parents include doing the kids’ laundry as part of the au pair duties. Washing, drying, folding and putting the laundry away is usually expected.
• Mealtimes – au pairs normally prepare the children’s meals including packed lunches and snacks. This can include some grocery shopping, preparation, cooking as well as clean up.
• Cleaning – Among other duties, you will be expected to help tidy the children’s rooms, playrooms and bathroom. Some of these tasks may be new to you and different from what was expected of you at home. But as part of your full-time au pair job, anything relating to the children can be included as your normal and acceptable duties. If you ever have questions about these types of duties, you can always check with your Local Gap Year Coordinator


Adult in the Household

As an au pair you are not only working in your host home but you are also living there as part of the family. This can mean different things for every host family and every au pair. Here are some good things to think about and discuss with your host family and we suggest you do it before your gap year starts: • Some host families want a lot of family time together with their au pair. Some want to have some quiet time away from each other as well. Communicate with your host family to figure out what is the best mix of family time and independent time.
• No host parent wants to have to clean up after their au pairduring the whole gap year. Remember to clean up after yourself in common areas and to respect your host family’s wishes on how neat to keep your room. Leaving messes for your host parents to clean up will create resentment.
• Be flexible with each other – this relationship will only work with some give and take. Sometimes they will run late coming home from work. Sometimes you will forget to pick up something at the store. Try to help each other out and be forgiving.
• While you do not have to clean for the host parents, you should still be a good household member. Don’t clean your dishes in the sink and leave your host mom’s coffee cup dirty. Treat your host parents as you would like to be treated.